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One of the many benefits of buying a new bus from us is the after-sales and maintenance services we provide our clients, to ensure the best experience with all buses bought from our factory.

Contact us to discuss our different types of bus maintenance plans and how to make sure your bus is always in top condition. Buses need to be serviced regularly to make sure they stay in good condition and prevent damages.

Our after sales and maintenance services are a top priority for customer satisfaction.Contact us today to discuss which service plan, will be best suited.

Spare Parts For sale

Maintenance Plan

Are you looking for a reliable maintenance service provider for your MCV bus? We will guide you through the process of choosing the right maintenance plan to maintain your Bus.

Maintaining a bus on your own is no easy task, but we will handle the maintenance of your brand new bus for you, taking away all of the hassles and giving you all of the joy.

After Sales Service

Did you know that we take after-sales service very seriously, as it is an important aspect of for our clients? We believe it is very important to take care of your customers’ needs after the sale. After-sales service is the most important aspect of any vehicle purchase, especially heavy vehicles like buses, and should be taken care of from day one. We believe after-sales┬áservices to clients is just as important as the purchase itself. We strive to bring you the perfect experience with our buses and we aim to keep all our clients happy at all times.

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